Whether evenings in rush hour or midday through the park: cruising on the SCHWABING is always laid-back, even if the urban jungle gets wild.

No more compromises: 100% nature and 100% riding enjoyment. The unique frame constructed out of 100% carbon harmonizes both form and function, giving the e-bike and rider a pleasant sensation of lightness.


On tour your heart beats faster. How fast exactly? Simply measure it with a heart rate sensor and your e-bike will not only give you its performance measures, but yours as well.

Connectivity also offers much more: it links you to the world. Whether navigating on a GPS or downloading tours and sharing with friends, simply pair your smartphone via Bluetooth with the on-board computer. This way, you can comfortably get the best use out of the navigation functions—or just drift along.

The data logger enables you to record and track your tours that you can also check out on an app. All of your tours can be saved on USB devices, and can be viewed on your PC or mobile and shared with friends. And so you don’t miss out on anything when you’re on the go, you have the option to receive notifications as a text message or phone call.

With Connectivity you can keep an eye on all important details: before and after, but most importantly, during your e-bike experience.

By the way, there is an on-board computer update available for all DAS SPITZING and DAS SCHWABING models that is backwards compatible, so todays on-board computers can be exchanged for new and colorful ones that feature a plug-and-play function.


Material for more design freedom

Toray High-modulus Fibers

3K Fibers