Name: Bobby Root

Age: 42

Nationality: USA

Place of birth: Indio, California

Hobbies: Martial arts, guitar playing, freediving

His motto: Live for the moment!

He likes: Coffee, Bad Habbit from The Offspring, riding (motor)bikes

He doesn´t like: too little action

Successes: three Guiness World Records:

Fastest Front-Wheelie: 90,7 km/h
Fastest Wheelie: 138,6 km/h
Fastest self-pedalled speed on a bicycle: 120 km/h

Plans for the future: Establish M1 in the US breaking all his 3 personal
world records – with the SPITZING

Bobby Root. Freeride legend. Guines world record holder. Well known character in the mountain bike community. His passion to go higher, faster and more extreme has always been his identifying feature. It suggests itself that Bobby – as he’s always been one of the first to try different things – is now one of the first well known freeriders to ride an E-Mountainbike. To feel the head wind in the face has always been a privilege to downhill-mountainbikers only. With his brand new M1 Spitzing he can ride uphill-trails that without technical support would require pushing or even carrying the bike. “The uphill-freeride feeling you get with the Spitzing is insane! This bike is the perfect combination to ride uphill and downhill in any terrain. Off or on trail – up or down. The fun is increased hugely!”

In addition to being a brand ambassador, Bobby takes over M1 Sporttechnik’s bike distribution in the US and helps build the brand and product-availability as well as customer service in northern America.

Shooting Highlights